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Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-R-A333

4,200.00 3,650.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0116-RC-A329

4,200.00 3,650.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0118-R-A332

4,500.00 3,950.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0118-R-A367

4,200.00 3,400.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-BC-A382

4,000.00 3,800.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-BC-A383

4,500.00 3,300.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-BC-A384

4,000.00 3,700.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-C-A328

6,200.00 5,500.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-R-A334

5,800.00 3,950.00

Buy Best Quality Abaya & Jilbab From Online Store in Pakistan

Buy Best Quality abaya and jilbab online in Pakistan for Muslim Women. Fashionable abaya and jilbab, at the best prices. Delivery across all cities in Pakistan. The hijab covers the women so that they can be protected from some sick men around us and keeps women safe from their foul sight. It also protects from dirt and harmful rays of the Sun and from any other unexpected things which can harm them. Symbol of Purity: It enlightens the purity of the women wearing it. The term jilbāb or jilbaab refers to any long and loose-fit coat or outer garment worn by some Muslim women. Wearers believe that this definition of jilbab fulfills the Quranic choice for a hijab. Jilbab, jubbah, or jilaabah is also known as chador by Persian speakers in Iran and Afghanistan. An abaya can be described as a long robe or cloak, usually black in color. It is worn over the clothing and tends to cover the whole body. Women in Asian countries admire traditional things. This sort of attire is respected and appreciated worldwide. Abaya is also called an aba, is an over-garment that is worn by Muslims as well as in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Abaya mostly comes in varied different patterns out of which black-colored ones are traditional Abaya. Earlier abayas were simple and were found only in black color but now in the world of modest fashion and glamour, the elegant and trendy collection is there. They are large and draped from shoulders or head. It covers the whole body apart from the head, feet, and hands. It is also worn with the niqab, which covers the face except for the eyes. Designer these days are burning midnight fuel is trying to bring out the best form of creativity in Ayaba.

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