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Maroon Jilbab Style Front Close Abaya JILBAB-C


New Maroon Shiny Wrinkle Abaya 0120-JC-86

5,950.00 3,200.00

Buy Best Quality Party Wear Abaya Online In Pakistan

Hijab-ul-hareem is offering a very wide range of professionally designed party wear Hijaabs and Abaayas which will make you look the most pleasing at any party or occasion while also remaining within the limits of your faith, and that’s the most wonderful thing about this. While living in a Muslim country, most of the women follow Islamic traditions of wearing Hijaabs and Abaayas and we, at Hijaab-ul-hareem, are offering the best designs that Muslim women can comfortably wear at a party or occasion and can make Hijaab they’re proud.

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