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Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-BC-A382

4,000.00 3,800.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-BC-A383

4,500.00 3,300.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-R-A340

5,000.00 4,200.00

Arabis Designer Abaya 0120-RC-A339

5,400.00 4,800.00

Blue Front Open Double Shade Abaya 0116-BD (2)


Blue-and-white Swallow Style H 0116-R-122

6,500.00 5,950.00

Brown Nida Fabric Designered Abaya 0120-R-832


Brown Winged Style A 0124-BC-A406

9,600.00 3,950.00

Classical Embroidered 2 Layer Abaya 0122-MR-175

9,500.00 7,950.00

Coat Style Stone Work Abaya 0124-JC-100

5,400.00 3,200.00

Color Chiffon Abaya Designer Abaya 0120-BR-821-1


Color Chiffon With Contrast Color Fabric Attached Abaya 0121-BR-803


Color Jersey Abaya With Stone Work 0118-RC-871


Color Nida Designered Abaya,Contrast Color Fabric Abaya 0120-R-822


Color Nida Fabric Designered Abaya 0120-R-832-1


Color Nida Fabric Designered Abaya 0120-R-833


Buy Best Quality Party Wear Abaya Online In Pakistan

Hijab-ul-hareem is offering a very wide range of professionally designed party wear Hijaabs and Abaayas which will make you look the most pleasing at any party or occasion while also remaining within the limits of your faith, and that’s the most wonderful thing about this. While living in a Muslim country, most of the women follow Islamic traditions of wearing Hijaabs and Abaayas and we, at Hijaab-ul-hareem, are offering the best designs that Muslim women can comfortably wear at a party or occasion and can make Hijaab they’re proud.

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