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Buy Women’s Embroidered Shawls & Chadars Online In Pakistan

Looking to buy shawls and chader online? Hijab-ul-hareem is the best place. Nothing parallels the warmth of a winter shawl on a chilly day. The feeling of wrapping yourself in a comfortable layer of exquisitely crafted fabric is self-assuring. Needless to say, if styled properly you will look great in a shawl. Winter shawls are an affordable luxury. It’s something that everyone can afford. Sometimes, you don’t want to wrap yourself in a winter shawl, but you want to cover your neck or head adequately. This is where winter scarves come into play. A chādor, also variously spelled in English as chadah, chadar, chader, chudah, chadur, and naturalized as, is an outer garment or open cloak worn by many women in Iran, Iraq, and some other countries under the Persianate cultural sphere, as well as predominantly Shia areas in public spaces or outdoors.

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